What is PDR?

The initials PDR not only stand for Paul's Dent Repairs, it also stands for Paintless Dent Repairs, the technique used to repair small to medium sized dents without the need to sand, fill and repaint the damaged area as is done with conventional panelshop repairs.



30min - 1 hour

From $95 + gst

Keeps original paint finish 


2 - 4 days

Insurance excess or $500-800

Respray paint finish


Sadly due to climate change/global warming, New Zealand now experiences hail more frequently than ever before. It causes millions of dollars of damage to property crops and vehicles. Fortunately, PDR is the most effective repair for hail damaged vehicles in terms of cost, time and the benefit of maintaining your vehicles original paint finish.


Starting at $95+gst, all repairs will be cheaper than your insurance excess.


A 2-4cm dent will usually take between 30 minutes to 1 hour to repair. Larger, creased or hard to access dents will take longer.


PDR leaves your paint in its original factory condition with an almost invisible repair.


We understand the inconvenience of not having your vehicle while it is being repaired. Pauls dent repairs is a totally mobile service that can in most situations carry out repairs at your home or work.


Paul was prompt and very friendly, yet very professional. He made an excellent job of repairing my car. I would recommend him to others.
— Pauline Ingram
Paul responded promptly to my call to have an annoying dent removed from my car door. I was very impressed with Paul’s professionalism, expert skills and commitment to producing the very best result for me which I am extremely happy with. It was a very cost effective option that ensures I maintain my car’s value.
— Keith Walker
Paul Verheul from Paul’s Dent Repairs contracted hail repairs for Exadent Precision Dent Removal Brisbane in 2015. He carried out and completed repairs to a very high standard in a very timely manner. I have no hesitation in using or recommending the services of Paul again in the future.
— Richard Van Der Reyden